A property manager walks through a property with a potential client.Our team focuses on helping business owners find and secure a commercial office rental throughout the downtown Los Angeles, CA region.

When commercial rental properties open up, we seek ideal tenants through traditional and modern marketing methods. We post all of the available rentals online to allow prospective tenants to browse the listings at their leisure. When tenants find the perfect commercial office property, we quickly and efficiently complete the application process to secure that property for the applicant.

We promptly respond to all tenant repair requests and perform routine maintenance on schedule. Our tenants can contact the team anytime for assistance or to provide rental payments. We prepare and present lease materials before the renewal date to give tenants time to make a decision and return the paperwork. Our dedication to providing constant support services often inspires tenants to renew their lease and stay in their established office space. The resulting low tenant turnover rates help create cohesive business communities in our managed commercial spaces. We would like tenants to contact us anytime assistance is needed in finding, securing or maintaining a commercial rental space.