A team of five people meet in a modern boardroom.The experienced team at Olive Hill Management uses their combined years of experience in the rental market to provide quality services to tenants throughout California.

We focus on building a full roster of high quality commercial rental properties to support business owner endeavors. Our office buildings feature the finest materials and amenities to create respectable, high-end work areas for all of our tenants. Our team keeps the available properties listed online for quick review by interested parties. The online listings provide a full look at the property specifications to allow tenants to make a decision before reaching out to our team. Upon finding a rental, we complete the application and provide lease documents to streamline the acquisition process.

After acquiring a commercial rental under our care, tenants can request services by calling the office or accessing the online portal. Tenant information is also included in the portal to keep our renters well informed about upcoming changes or additions. Our team is always motivated to ensure tenant satisfaction with their office rentals. We encourage tenants to promptly send their questions and concerns to our team for a quick and thorough response.